Fri tilgang til tidsskriftsartikler

Routledge Journals tilbyr gratis tilgang til følgende artikler fra forlagets psykoanalytiske tidsskrifter.

Artiklene vil være tilgjengelig for å lese og laste ned frem til 31. desember 2013.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for Bulimia Nervosa: A Manualized Approach
Susanne Lunn and Stig Poulsen

Psychoanalytic Social Work
In and Out of the Displacement: The Roles of Interpretation and Play in Work with Children
Denia G. Barrett

Art Therapy
What Do We See?: Extending Understanding of Visual Experience in the Art Therapy Encounter
Patricia Fenner

Journal of Child Psychotherapy
Ritalin for Whom? Revisited: Further Thinking on ADHD
Maria Pozzi-Monzoa

Journal of Creativity in Mental Health
Creative Counseling Interventions for Grieving Adolescents
Marty Slyter

Journal of Family Psychotherapy
Cyberspace Betrayal: Attachment in an Era of Virtual Connection
Mary-Joan Gerson

Psychodynamic Practice
The Perversion of Care: Psychological Therapies in a Time of IAPT
Rosemary Rizqa

Social Work in Mental Health
The Invisible Presence in Therapy: Organizational Context and Its Influence on Therapeutic Process
Cheryl-Anne Cait

Psychoanalytic Dialogues
The Baby Out of the Bathwater: Microseconds, Psychic Structure, and Psychotherapy
Stephen Seligman

Psychoanalytic Inquiry
From Disconnection to the Seesaw to the Stage
Susana I. Martinez

Psychoanalytic Perspectives
Sex and the Kitchen: Thoughts on Culture and Forbidden Desire
Galit Atlas

International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology
Can You Hear Me Now? Twinship Failure and Chronic Loneliness
Nancy VanDerHeide

Journal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy
Haunted: Treatment of a Child Survivor of Human Trafficking
Laura M. Bennett-Murphy

Studies in Gender and Sexuality
The House of Difference, or White Silence
Adrienne Harris

International Forum of Psychoanalysis
The Intrapsychic and the Intersubjective in Contemporary Psychoanalysis
Madeleine Baranger

Infant Observation
The Creative Role of Playfulness in Development
Elena Della Rosa

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