The work of Christopher Bollas: the creative unconscious and the analytic relationship



Fredag 17. februar 2017 kl. 18.00 – 20.00 

Lørdag 18. februar 2017 kl. 09.00 – 16.30 



The work of Christopher Bollas: the creative unconscious and the analytic relationship

We shall begin with a brief overview of the foundations of Bollas’s thinking, including his theories of the receptive unconscious, human idiom and the unthought known, and the interaction between our internal reality and the world of external objects.

We shall then examine the clinical implications of this metapsychology, focusing on his concepts of unconscious complexity, the Freudian Pair, and the technique of free association. We shall discuss some key papers, which participants will be asked to read in advance, and we shall use clinical material to explore the patient’s narrative as an unfolding text, tracing the lines of unconscious logic as they appear in the various categories of communication.

Sarah Nettleton is a psychoanalyst in private practice in London. Originally she studied music, working for many years as a piano accompanist. She has written on various aspects of music and the mind, on Schubert’s song cycle Winterreise, on the effects of sound and voice in Beckett, and on the relationship between voice, creativity and metaphor. She specializes in teaching the work of Bollas, and has given seminars extensively in the UK, and in Norway, Israel, France, USA, Mexico and Turkey. Her book The Metapsychology of Christopher Bollas: an Introduction was published by Routledge in 2016.


Sted: Instituttets lokaler i Nydalsveien 15 (med forbehold om endringer)

Pris: 2000,-

Påmelding:, innen 31. januar 2017

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  1. Følgende kapitler anbefales lest før seminaret:

    ‘Off the wall’ and ‘The psychoanalyst’s multiple function’
    Forces of Destiny: Psychoanalysis and Human Idiom (Routledge 1989)

    ‘The psychoanalyst’s use of free association’
    Being a Character: Psychoanalysis and Self Experience (Routledge 1992)

    ‘Communications of the unconscious’ and ‘A separate sense’
    Cracking Up: the Work of Unconscious Experience (Routledge 1995)

    ‘Origins of the therapeutic alliance’
    The Mystery of Things (Routledge 1999)

    Introduction and Chapters 1 – 7, 10 & 11
    The Infinite Question (Routledge 2009)

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